DPAL Mount


DPAL Mount is an open terrain system whose design and configuration has been carefully calculated

and strictly tested. Different from our DPAS system which adopts concrete foundation, DPAL system

uses foundation post that drive into the ground. The snow load and wind load are maximized greatly

in DPAL. All materials of DPAL are alumium except the foundation post. Alumium makes the system

light and saving the transportation costs.


* Well-designed according to SAP2000.

* Cost effective and highly durable

* Utilization of prismatic bolt eliminates the limitation of installing solar modules. The fastening points

of prismatic bolt can be chosen at any location of the girder by inserting into the groove of girder and

turning it.

* Foundation post ensure the great snow load and wind load.

* Made of aluminum to ensure light and cost saving.

* Suitable for any type of solar module



This purlin is made of aluminum, which used in SPAL, DPAL and DPAL CON. The groove on the top is used to install prismatic bolts which can fasten solar panels on the system.


Prismatic bolt

In the SPAL, DPAL and DPAL CON systems, prismatic bolts are used to connect girder with purlin, and connect solar panel onto the systems.